Force Windows to Stay on Top


During the World Cup, I like watching the matches. But sometimes when I’m on the PC, I watch the matches in a browser. The problem is that when I open a new window, it will load on top of the browser, hiding the game. After a while, it becomes tedious. So I found the solution in this little nifty app.

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Xaml – Add and Update Row Definitions

XAML-LOGO Row and Column Definitions are used to set the rows and columns in a grid on a xaml page. I wanted to add or remove any of these definitions from the code behind using C#. Next is the solution:

Add Row Definitions:

RowDefinitionCollection defs = myGrid.RowDefinitions;

Update Row Definitions:

RowDefinitionCollection defs = myGrid.RowDefinitions;
defs[0] = newRowDefinition(){Height=newGridLength(140)};
defs[1] = newRowDefinition(){Height=newGridLength(1,GridUnitType.Star)};


To add and update columns, just change RowDefinition with ColumnDefinition in the above code. Hope this helps you in your Windows Phone and Windows Store apps! Happy Xamling!

How to use Cortana outside the US?


Thanks for asking Cortana :) and thanks for making my Windows Phone better. Yesterday Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 to all Windows Phone developers. To download you have to have a Windows Phone Store account and the app Preview for Developers installed on your phone. One of the most awaited features of the 8.1 update was Cortana, Microsoft’s new personal assistant for Windows Phone. It takes her name from Cortana, the AI in Halo, and it can help you with all your daily needs, set reminders, check the weather and much more. Continue reading

Data External Page

Today I had an issue with html duplication when using jQuery mobile and ajax.

What was the issue?

The problem was that when a user submits a particular page, on the new page that loads, the previous page’s html was still visible in the code of the page. Although it wasn’t visible on the new page, it was causing some problems with automatic tests which was finding different controls with the same IDs.



The problem was that the source page didn’t have this attribute in the page element: Continue reading

Amazing Blackberry Website for their Launch


That’s how I thought it was going to be, full of their new Z10 and Q10 mobile specs, showing the new Blackberry 10 features…. but all I got was a 404 Page not found message!! Don’t know if it only loads for non US users, i.e. maybe for Europeans only.

But please BlackBerry, on your biggest launch ever, you should have made sure that everything works fine, including one of your most important marketing options, your website!!

Connecting to backup destination – Crashplan

If you’re using CrashPlan for your online backup, and got the following message “Connecting to backup destination” (I have been receiving this message for the last week), the solution to start backing up again is the following:

  • Open Local Services
  • Find “Crashplan Backup Service”
  • Right Click > Stop
  • Wait till the Status is blank (not Running)
  • Right Click > Start

And voila, CrashPlan will start backing up again.